Vitamin injections are quite popular, and with good reason: they can significantly improve a person’s general health and well-being in a safe and effective manner. When these critical nutrients are injected straight into the body, they are immediately available for absorption, giving a quick manner to receive the vitamins and minerals’ advantages. This method is especially beneficial for patients who have GI difficulties that prevent oral vitamins from being properly absorbed. Nutrient injections, on the other hand, can help almost everybody. Anxiety/depression, a lack of energy, cosmetic benefits, improved sports performance, and overall health and well-being are all reasons why people seek nutrient injections.

Lipo-B injections

Lipo-B injections help the body burn off excess fat & increase metabolic activity, giving you more energy and helping you maintain a healthy weight and physique! This specific injection is comprised of the following lipotropic compounds: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

IV Iron

Iron is a mineral found in the human body. If you don’t get enough iron, your body won’t be able to manufacture haemoglobin, and you’ll get anaemia. Intravenous iron is a type of treatment for anaemia that is injected into a vein with a syringe to raise iron and haemoglobin levels in the body.

B12 Vitamin Injections

Because of its wide range of benefits, our Vitamin B12 injection is quite popular among our Windsor clients. It promotes red blood cell production, boosts energy, and helps with stress management – everything you need to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle.

Vitamin-D Injections

Vitamin D3 is important to encourage healthy bone formation, support mood, and boost the immune system. Low levels of vitamin D have been shown to increase the risk of certain types of cancer. The Framingham Heart Study found that patients with low levels of Vitamin D have a 60% higher risk of heart disease.

Glutathione Vitamin Injection

Glutathione is one of the most powerful rejuvenating antioxidants commonly found all over the natural world in things like plants, fungi, and even the human body. It also happens to be the key ingredient in our Glutathione Boost which works to help you both look and feel like new. Glutathione is naturally produced and found in every cell in the human body and can profoundly improve anyone’s physical and mental health.

Common benefits of our Glutathione Boost include:

  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Reduced InflammationFaster Fat ProcessingMore Energy
  • More Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Brighter Skin
  • Improved Immune Function

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