If you are thinking about trying a Botox treatment you may wonder if it is safe for you. Let’s dive into the information you need to know about Botox safety.

What is Botox Used For?

First, you should know that Botox has been used for many years and for over 20 medical procedures in Windsor and across the globe! While Botox is more commonly known for cosmetic purposes, Botox can also be used to treat different medical conditions such as muscle spasm control or lazy eye.

Botox is administrated in the form of injections to temporarily smooth facial wrinkles. The substance will relax your face muscles and will not permit them to create wrinkles in the treated area. The injections are performed in the neuromuscular tissue and can take up to 72 hours for Botox to take effect. The intervention is simple, the pain is slight to minimal due to the usage of thin needles, and you can return to normal activities immediately.

This treatment is frequently used worldwide. On average, there are 6 million Botox treatments! In 14 years of using Botox, only 36 cases have reported side effects and 13 of them were related to other underlying conditions. The overall risk of using Botox in cosmetic procedures is small. Researchers also wanted to observe the long term effect. Botox injections have limited effect and need repeated administrations. The studies have shown that the side effects did not increase over time. Moreover, the people who received repeated injections had better administration success over time.

So is Botox Safe?

Botox injections are safe when they are administrated by an experienced doctor, in a specialized medical center. If you are looking for specialists in this field, you should know that our team at Medical Cosmetics, located in Windsor, carefully perform treatments with the proper equipment and reliable procedures.

It is true that botulin toxin is dangerous for humans in high dosages. However, for almost all cases, cosmetic or medical, a small amount of the substance is all that is needed. Botulin toxin can be injected safely in small concentrations.

If you have concerns about side effects, you will be glad to hear that Botox injections are generally well tolerated. They are a few side effects that can appear in rare cases such as flu-like symptoms, headache, eye dryness. Botox is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

To summarize, if you are considering a Botox procedure you should know that it is safe. Our medical specialists located in Windsor will be glad to provide you more information about this treatment.


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